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Boston Ujima Time Bank

Ujima Time Bank Community Guidelines

By participating in the Ujima Time Bank, you indicate that you agree to the following guidelines.

  1. Welcome, include, and accept all people.

    We believe that timebanking has the potential to benefit existing communities and build new communities over time. We encourage all people of any race, religion, sex, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, age, etc. to join and participate in the Ujima Time Bank. We expect all members to respect each other in all interactions, both on our digital platform and in person. If anyone is uncomfortable with another member’s behavior, either online or offline, they are encouraged to contact the Ujima Time Bank Member Team (see Contact Information at the bottom of this page). We will follow restorative justice practices to resolve conflicts and rebuild trust within the community when needed.

  2. Follow common sense rules.

    When you are meeting for an exchange, follow common sense rules. For example, if you are meeting someone for the first time, suggest getting together at a public place or bring a friend. The vast majority of timebanking exchanges are satisfactory for both parties. However, if you are uncomfortable in a situation, you can end the exchange at any time. Time Bank members are encouraged to share their experiences with the Ujima Time Bank Member Team (see Contact Information at the bottom of this page). We want to hear from you so that we can help build a strong and safe community.

  3. Be an informed exchanger and set expectations clearly and early.

    Read all the information available about a person and their offer and discuss the details of the service before agreeing to an exchange. This includes location, time, duration, and specifics of the activity. You are also free to ask for references before engaging in a trade.

  4. Be upfront about your skills and limitations.

    We encourage members of all skills levels and experience to offer their services to the community, and to be upfront about their level of experience in their description of the service. This clarity will ensure community members have an opportunity to use their skills while also setting the right expectations for trade recipients. For example, if you offer carpentry work and someone asks you to do a job beyond your skill level, be honest with them about your limitations.

  5. Provide constructive, helpful feedback to other members and be receptive to feedback from others as well.

    In the spirit of building both skills and relationships in our community, we encourage members to create a culture of giving and receiving feedback. When giving feedback to another member, assume the person did their best and keep your comments constructive and specific. Feedback is only useful when the recipient knows what to do better next time. When receiving feedback, remember the speaker has the best intentions and keep an open mind. Whether you agree with their assessment and/or follow their advice is ultimately up to you. A system of open communication will help us all be the best timebankers and community members we can be.

  6. We enter into trades in good faith.

    The Time Bank is a coordinating program. Although Time Bank exchanges are based on shared values of goodwill, good faith, good intentions, cooperation, and sharing, there is an element of risk involved in all exchanges. The Time Bank cannot guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred, the quality of any service, and cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property experienced while involved in an exchange.

Contact the Ujima Time Bank Member Team with questions or comments at or 617-221-6105.